The better alternative to a mouth full of fillings

Dental crowns are a natural-looking and comfortable solution to cracked, broken, or excessively decayed teeth.

Metal fillings not only stand out when you are smiling, but there comes a point when the continuous deterioration of a tooth causes the filling to be ineffective. And when the crack or decay of a tooth extends into your root, you will have an even worse problem on your hand.

The Raymond Dental Group has the natural-looking cosmetic dentistry solution for just such a problem: porcelain crowns, which act as caps and eliminate dark metal lines.

Is a porcelain crown your cosmetic dentistry solution?

At the Raymond Dental Group, we can tell you if dental crowns are the cosmetic dentistry makeover solution best suited for you. 

If you suffer from one or more completely missing teeth, she may also suggest dental bridges, a dentistry solution that, like crowns, offer greater advantages than partial dentures or removable appliances.

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