No more unsightly metal fillings

At the Raymond Dental Group, we can free you from a smile full of metal forever by replacing old metal fillings with new tooth-colored composite fillings. 

Does your past dental work make you feel self-conscious? Do you want people to notice your smile and not the metal?

Let the Raymond Dental Group get rid of your old fillings. And you won’t need to worry about your new natural-looking dental work wearing down other teeth.

No more traditional silver fillings (which could turn black over time) messing up your otherwise beautiful smile! Tooth-colored fillings can replace these discolored fillings with a composite resin that gives your smile a more natural look with as much strength and durability as silver.

One consultation with the Raymond Dental Group could be all you need to decide if tooth-colored fillings are your cosmetic dentistry makeover solution.

Just fill out the online form or call our Norton office at (330) 825-4446. These natural-looking composite resin fillings will match your teeth and greatly outlast your old-fashioned metal fillings!